In the tradition of the Wharton School, WASA alumni occupy leadership positions globally. From advising heads of governments to establishing entrepreneurial ventures based in or focused on the continent, WASA alumni continue to use their skills and leadership positions in the interests of Africa or people of African descent. A stated objective of WASA is to create a strong network comprising alumni, current students, African business leaders and those organizations with a strong interest in Africa’s economic future. In light of this objective, WASA is implementing a number of initiatives:

Alumni - Student Buddy Program
This year, WASA is reaching out to alumni to work with current students in identifying career opportunities. The buddy program will be launched in the fall of 2004 and will present participating alumni with continued relationship with the school and WASA. It is our hope that buddies will maintain a relationship even after graduation, and serve as a link between generations of WASA alumni.

Alumni Database
As a first step towards achieving this objective, WASA is working to establish an up-to-date alumni database – a tool that will be invaluable to both alumni and current students alike. If you are a Wharton alumnus of African origin or who has a strong interest in Africa, please take the time to add or update your details by e-mailing WASA Alumni Chairperson, Alfred Kibe at

Alumni List Server
We have also set up an alumni list server. To subscribe to the list server please send an e-mail to

Alumni Advisory Board
In order to facilitate continued exchange between alumni and current students, WASA has established the WASA Alumni Advisory Board (WAAB). The Advisory Board will ensure WASA’s continued relevance to alumni while maintaining WASA’s strength after each generation of leadership.

Alumni News

In 2003, WASA presented its first ever Distinguished Alumni Award to Mr. Papa Madiaw Ndiaye WG’92.

This Award was established to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our WASA Alumni in their respective endeavors and to build a stronger bond between WASA Alumni and current students. The recipient of the Award serves as a role model for Wharton African students by achieving professional excellence and demonstrating a long-standing commitment to the development of business opportunities within the African community either in Africa or abroad. He/she also acts as a mentor to generations of Wharton MBAs and future African business leaders.

A graduate of both the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, Papa pioneered a number of events during his time here. Most notably, he organized the first ever Africa Trek and was part of the team that initiated what would later become, the Wharton Africa Business Forum. Since leaving Wharton, Papa has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the development of business in Africa both in a personal and professional capacity. While at JP Morgan, he launched the firm's trading activities in Africa and his focus on Africa continued at the International Finance Corporation where he held senior responsibilities for IFC’s capital market investments in West and Central Africa. In his personal capacity, Papa serves as Special Advisor for Economic and Financial Affairs to the President of the Republic of Senegal and is Chairman of the Senegalese Presidential Economic & Financial Advisory Council. As a Director, at the Emerging Markets Partnership AIG Africa Infrastructure Fund, Papa continues to be a proponent for Africa’s economic development.

Although he graduated more than 10 years ago, Papa continues to be an invaluable resource to the current student body. We are privileged to have him within our ranks and we thank him for his contribution.